Just below the surface Revolutions smolder, waiting for the right energy and catalyst to set them ablaze. Years in the making or kindled by a moment, Revolutions unleashed have the power to spark change in yourself and your world. Such is the flame that ignited a shared passion into a reality.


A gym rat since high school and her days at the University of Florida, for years Michelle Andres Manrique stepped, lifted, powered and aerobicized herself through countless workouts. Through it all, however, the HR specialist and trainer never found that which truly made her feel fit in mind, body and soul. In 2008, however, Michelle took her first indoor cycling class and something clicked. It was different. A richer connection. SPARK.


For the next two years Michelle took classes all over South Florida, knowing indoor cycling held the potential she sought but never truly finding "it." In 2010, she convinced her husband John to try a class when she agreed to run a half-marathon with him. That's all it took the writer and marketing executive, and after one class Michelle had an equally enthusiastic ally join her quest. For another year and a half the two searched.

Birth of Revolutions ... with blueberries.

Finally, while on the road in New England - literally, as the proud parents of two were out running in the White Mountains of New Hampshire when lightning struck - Michelle and John ended the search. They knew what they wanted, and decided in a field of wild blueberries that they would become certified Spinning® instructors and open their own studio back home in northern Palm Beach county. CATALYST.


The duo set out to create a studio where talented, genuine instructors lead training sessions grounded in the principles of on- and off-road cycling. They envisioned a fun, inclusive environment with great equipment and thoughtful touches that serves its riders and community with a mission to help individuals achieve their goals. Along their journey Michelle and John found the pieces and knew if these were brought together and revolutionized, the benefits people of all fitness levels could gain would be immense as the couple can personally attest to with their own fitness revolution that includes a collective weight loss of roughly 120 pounds. FLAME. 


So Revolutions stands ready to ignite change, one ride at a time. WELCOME.