If you have never been to an Indoor Cycling Studio, experienced a spin class or just want to know what to expect from Revolutions, following are the key "Rules of the Road" (without the careless drivers or unexpected flat tire).
While any comfortable workout attire will do, you're going to sweat ... a whole lot. For that reason we recommend dry-fit, i.e. "moisture wicking," gear (shirt, shorts and socks). As for footwear, a solid pair of sneakers with hard soles are fine. If you have SPD clip cycling shoes, those are even better.
After breathing, the next most important thing you need to make it through class is water. Spinning® recommends a total of 40 oz. consumed before, during and after class (10 before - 20 during - 10 after). We encourage all riders to bring your own bottled water, and Revolutions also offers complimentary bottled water.
While we're on the topic of sweat, let's talk towels. Revolutions offers premium cotton fitness towels for rider convenience and comfort during class. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own.
At the end of class Revolutions' staff wipes down the cycle area. On the rider side, fresh ride attire & deodorant are appreciated by all.
For your first-time at Revolutions we request you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled class to insure you are comfortable, oriented, properly fitted to the bike and ready to ride. After that, it is recommended you arrive at least ten minutes before class starts to get saddled & situated.
Unlike Verizon or AT&T, we limit both. Out of respect for your fellow riders, phones should be turned to silent and chatter held to a minimum during class (if there is a critical phone call you're on the lookout for, our desk attendant will keep an eye out for you).
While Revolutions is happy to accommodate walk-ins if space is available, we strongly recommend riders book rides in advance using our online reservation system. "Single" classes can be reserved up to seven days in advance, and "Recurring" classes can be booked up to 30-days out. If a class is full, riders can add themselves to the wait list and will be notified if a space becomes available. Also, if riders with reservations have not checked in by the time class is scheduled to begin and walk-ins are waiting, bikes will be released to individuals present in the studio.
Things come up and life happens. If you need to cancel a reservation, you can do so without incurring a penalty so long as the cancellation is made by no later than 8pm EST before a morning class, or AT LEAST four hours prior to an afternoon/evening class. Cancellations should be made by logging into your Revolutions account, selecting "My Schedule," and clicking "Cancel" for the class you wish to reschedule at a later date. Late Cancellations or No-Shows will be charged and a ride debited from the account. 
If you need to leave a class early, please sit in the back. We also ask those who wish to do their own thing and not follow the instructor's designed training session to saddle up in the back row so as not to distract their fellow riders.