When done right, an Indoor Cycling class is one of the most exhilerating and satisfying ways to get your sweat on. It strengthens body, mind and spirit. When done wrong, it can be like Kim Basinger after a few drinks in the movie "Blind Date."  To help you make an instant connection with spin and avoid a nightmare experience, here are some key items to look for in a cycling class and studio.

Certified Instructors

There is nothing more vital to a successful Indoor Cycling class than who sits atop the lead bike.  While effectiveness is ultimately up to each rider, it is the leadership, enthusiasm and structure provided by instructors that motivates performance. Class design should provide riders with a balance of strength & speed work; aerobic & anaerobic intervals must be properly paced to achieve maximum benefits; and this must all be seamlessly arranged with music & cues that prompt and propel the group forward. A rockin' playlist and "pep" alone are not enough - it takes training, practice and commitment to lead a meaningful training session.


For these reasons - along with professional guidance on things like form & technique to best work your body and limit the chances of injury - you only want to ride with Certified Instructors. While certification alone do not a rockstar make, it should be a minimum requirement for you to saddle up.


All Revolutions Cycling Studio Instructors are Spinning® or indoor cycle certified trainers. Additionally, our fitness revolutionaries continue to expand their knowledge and experience by participating in skills workshops, attending fitness & indoor cycling conferences, training with master instructors, and riding at other top studios in North America.

Bikes & Training Equipment

The Schwinn A.C. Sport Cycle

To get the most out of your workout and avoid injury, you should only ride bikes designed for studio and/or gym use that are regularly maintained and serviced by professionals. Simple questions like "do you keep a maintenance log?" or "how often are your bikes serviced?" will quickly reveal the facility's dedication to peak performance and safety.


Training tools are another indicator of a studio's commitment to rider results. Bikes featuring the latest technology to track metrics like distance, power output, speed and calories burned enhance the experience for instructors and riders alike, providing the optimal opportunity for success.


Revolutions Cycling Studio features a brand new fleet of Schwinn® A.C. Sport Cycles from the company's renowned AUTHENTIC CYCLING SERIES. With an innovative magnetic system to generate consistent resistance, these bikes comfortably accommodate riders from 4'11" to 6'8" in height and up to 300 pounds.  Each Revolutions' cycle has also been upgraded and equipped with Schwinn's state-of-the-art Mpower Console which allows riders to individually track their power output, speed, calories burned and distance.


Atmosphere creates attitude and energy. Bike rockin' beats with vivid visuals and a mood lifting environment entertain, excite and inspire riders to prespire. The attention to detail should extend beyond a great Audio Visual System with amenities that cater to your comforts and needs.
Revolutions worked with the experts at AV NOW Fitness Sound out of Santa Cruz, California to develop a custom sound and sight ride experience. Premium audio components specially designed for fitness applications power a 400w speaker system while two 50" plasma screens broadcast rich visuals and offer riders a more complete sensory connection. In addition, thoughtful touches such as premium cotton towels, complimentary bottled water and other goodies are offered to further benefit our riders. 

Test Ride

At the end of the day, you are not going to know unless you try. While many gyms offer a complimentary or reduced rate ride to test the waters, be wary of those that then immediately try to hit you up for a long-term membership or package commitment. The well-established studios will let you buy single rides at a time. Many offer a free weekly ride or intro class so you can get a comfortable feel for the facility and personalities of the instructors who teach there. Test Rides are an excellent way to find the class(es) and style(s) that best suit you.

With Revolutions Cycling Studio you can ALWAYS buy just one ride at a time. Revolutions also offers "FREE RIDES" on a regular basis that feature a different member of our talented instructor team. First-time Revolutionaries who reserve their inaugural ride online receive a second ride FREE (upon completion of their first).