Indoor Cycling is a cardiovascular activity that focuses on endurance, strength and speed. Also known as "spin" or "spinning" (Spinning® is a specialized & branded form of the exercise), indoor cycling classes primarily benefit the heart, lungs, legs and core.

While every studio is different (see "Finding the Right Studio"), class sizes typically range from 15-25 riders and last from 40 to 60 minutes. What makes indoor cycling unique is that while it is a "group activity" led by an instructor, riders of varying fitness levels can enjoy the experience together since the specially designed stationary bikes are equipped with gear knobs that allow each rider to directly control the intensity of her/his training session. Music and atmosphere are also key components of the experience, both enhancing the energy and effectiveness of the activity.

Indoor Cycling is "low-impact," meaning your body does not have to support all your weight throughout the activity. This alleviates pressure on your joints which reduces the risk of injury. For the many advantages and rewards Indoor Cycling offers, read "Health & Life Benefits."