When it comes to fitness, you have many choices. The fact that you're here and reading this means you've made the most important one: TO DO IT. Congrats!
To be effective an exercise program should include cardiovascular, endurance, strength and flexibility components. Why we love Indoor Cycling (yes, we're biased) is because it touches on three of the four AND can improve many other aspects of one's life. In no particular order, here are some of the reasons why we think Indoor Cycling should be a part of your personal fitness revolution.
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An hour of Indoor Cycling can burn 800 - 1,000+ calories.
It is one of the best weight loss & weight maintenance activities around given its high-calorie scorch potential and low-impact nature (i.e. it doesn't pound on your joints).

Best of all, how much you burn is completely up to you. While instructors provide targets and cues, riders ultimately control their own speed and tension. Since there's not a bunch of choreography to worry about, training intensity is individualized allowing new and seasoned riders to workout as one, energize each other throughout class, finish together and benefit from the power and motivation of a team.
Indoor Cycling (i.e. spinning) on a regular basis can also improve heart and lung performance in addition to reducing the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and some cancers.



Obviously Indoor Cycling is a great training complement for road cyclists & mountain bikers. It is also an effective cross-training option for endurance athletesDistance runners, swimmers and rowers can all benefit given Indoor Cycling's reliance on aerobic energy systems. 

With a focus on the hamstrings, quads and glutes, Indoor Cycling (spin) classes tone and build muscle strength in these key areas.  Riders also work their core which helps with posture and alignment.

Stabilizer muscles found in the trunk, hips and shoulders are exercised throughout class. Strengthening these areas can benefit your golf and tennis swing as well as build core balance for activities such as skiing and surfing.
In addition, the interval sprints certified instructors typically design into rides can increase leg speed. Faster legs benefit you in sports such as soccer, tennis and racquetball that require both endurance and short-duration, explosive efforts.
Aerobic activities such as Indoor Cycling release endorphins which can help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.